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It all started with a hello! But really. 

We're Rachel and Amber, and we're so glad you're here! Magical things can happen because of the internet... our best-friendship is just one of them.

The story goes a little something like this:

We both felt like (for all the days of our lives) we were meant to do some BIG work in the world. We each believed this so fiercely that in May 2014 in New Hampshire, Amber left her corporate career of 10 years to live out the calling of her soul by coming home to her life and family. She started building her heart-centered brand and business coaching empire one client at a time.

Rachel, down in Virginia, ignited by a health-related reality check in February 2015, set off on an inner pilgrimage to figure out how she could trust her gifts within and build the beautiful life around her she had always envisioned. She had this idea in her head that she could create a way of living and working in the world that allowed her to be present exactly how she always dreamed of, for herself and for her future family.

It was our similar passions and interests in building aligned businesses through our personal brands that brought us both to Portland, Maine for a live event. (We also think it was the angels!) Who would have thought two lives in two different places would meet once and from there create a bond and friendship like ours?

We met, fell in love, and began to weave our lives and businesses together. Because it's just more fun that way!  


After meeting in August 2015 we began working together later that fall. Our working friendship turned into real life soul sisters - talking every day and going and growing through all of the seasons of marriage, business, babies and big dreams. 

Meant to be.

In the New Year of January 2016, Rach discovered something she'd been searching for to add to her business. An Earth-friendly, family-loving company that grew people through partnerships and green products. The vegan goodness was too much for her not to share with her new bestie. Selfies galore ensued! A sample was mailed with a wraphia bow and a hand written note, of course.

What came next?

Amber fell in love, too! And unbeknownst to Rach, Amber had been looking for this opportunity to add to her life and growing coaching business. So when she immediately joined Rach in business it was a crazy good sign, a blessing, and the beginning of The Inspired Desires Tribe

When we both decided to partner with our company and plant-based product line that aligned with our holistic visions and values, we believed others were going to want to do that, too. We had a dream to weave this opportunity into our work and in a new way. So later that February, Rach got on a plane, and we reunited for the first time in person again to launch our first live event, Bloom Live | consciously creating a life and brand you love. It sold out! We drove home that night with the music turned all the way up, singing our lungs out to the navy blue dark sky. It was DIVINE.

We went on to jump into our new business together with both feet. Learning how to be successful and teach and lead our team of incredible soul sisters and visionaries, The Inspired Desires Tribe. 

What's our magic?

When we say "tribe" we really mean it. We all have said yes and continue to say yes, every day, to being positive, to changing lives, to creating sustainable, consciously aligned and holistic lifestyles for ourselves, our families, and our worlds all while radiating from exactly who we individually were made to be. 

We are a tribe of brave, shining, expanding souls.

Are you feeling called to join us, soul sister? (Or brother!)

Click the button below. We really can't wait to get to know YOU.


Rach + Amber

Amber + Rachel 

Amber + Rachel 

Growing our hearts and minds at our annual global training conference

Growing our hearts and minds at our annual global training conference

Bloom Live | Consciously Creating a Life + Business You Love in Exeter, NH 2016

Bloom Live | Consciously Creating a Life + Business You Love in Exeter, NH 2016

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